Protection of
your teeth

The purpose of dental fillings

Dental fillings in Dubai are one of the most common dental treatments! The dentist will examine your tooth for any decay, minor fractures and suggest a treatment plan during a free consultation.

Right after the consultation or at the appointed date, your dentist will numb the area around the tooth using local anesthesia. Next, the decay will be completely removed and the hole will be filled with the chosen material. That is all it takes, you may return as you wish just to follow up once.

Dental fillings ( in Dubai) are a great solution for chipped, worn down or  decaying teeth! Many do not realize that a filling can work wonders on any of your teeth. The ultimate objective is to ‘fill in’ a cavity. This is one way to save your tooth and prevent the tooth from getting another cavity in the future.

Dental fillings are made with different materials which may be determined by the dentist during your free consultation.

Dental fillings

Different kinds of Dental fillings in Dubai

Amalgam, gold and composite resin are typical kinds of dental filling in Dubai. Based on your condition, tooth number, your requirements or cost factors, your dentist will suggest the best option for you.

Composite filling

Composite Filling

Composite fillings are made from a ceramic and plastic compound combination. Similar to enamel of your natural teeth, this type of filling is most popular, it matches a patients teeth color. 

Composite filling are the most common choice for the front, chipped or worn down teeth.

Truth be told, they may not as long lasting as other materials under great pressure of chewing forces. Composite fillings also require more dental visits if they are used for the purpose of inlays or onlays on a tooth.

Silver or Amalgam filling

Silver, copper tin and zinc make up the amalgam filling. Naturally, this type of filling last longer than composite resin and can withstand strong chewing abilities. If cost if your concern, amalgam fillings are for you.

One con is that it will not match your true tooth color. To add to that, silver filling material is more likely to have an issue with possible cracks and fractures.


Silver or amalgam filling


It depends on the type of filling chosen, your condition and your oral health habits.

  • Gold dental fillings: from 15 to 30 years.
  • Amalgam dental fillings: These silver compounds can last an average of 10 to 15 years.
  • Composite dental fillings: Having this type of dental filling may look best aesthetically for a natural approach, however, they need to be replaced usually every 5 to 7 years.

Following the guidance provided by the dentist, your dental filling can last even longer than expected.

Maintain a good regular dental routine. It is important that you do not neglect your daily brushing and flossing habits.

If the filling has not cracked or does not cause you discomfort, your dentist will advise you during your regular check-up.

If your filling seems to come in the way of when you bite or clinch your teeth, it may need need proper shaping. You should visit a dentist to have it reshaped where you bite down comfortably.

  • Follow a healthy diet. Avoid often snacking and decrease your intake in refined and unrefined sugars.
  • Keep a healthy dental routine in mind. With regular brushing and flossing, you keep your mouth clean which prevents any future decay and protects your dental filling.
  • Visit a dentist regularly for routine checkups. A professional teeth cleaning with a dental hygienist further helps in ensuring there is no plaque sitting on your teeth and they can spot early signs of any dental risk.
If you proceed with a composite dental filling, the dentist will blend certain colors to match your natural tooth. This way, no one would even notice you had a filling placed on your tooth.