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Prosthodontics is a part of dentistry that is solving the problem of missing teeth, connected soft and hard tissue with the help of prosthesis. These are crowns, bridges, dentures, etc., and can be fixed or removable, supported or retained by dental implants. 

Removable or flexible dentures deserve of couple of additional words. They are kind of partial dentures, made of nylon or similar thermoplastics, compared to the harder acrylic ones. Flexible dentures are bendable and soft, adapt to the shape of your gum and teeth, do not require clasps, and thereby, more comfortable. At the same time, they require more care and, of course, your dentist will be the one who will advise you on your choice of dentures in Dubai.

People loose their teeth due to different reasons. Be it genetics, dramatic accidents, disease and wear such as grinding, tooth loss creates both aesthetic and functional inconveniences. It may literally change the face and face expression,  create detrimental effects on chewing ability and consequently, damages on one’s confidence and self-esteem.

Prosthodontics: denture

Prosthodontists includes:

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