Subtle & delicate root canal treatment
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Root canal therapy, is a procedure in which access to the hollow interior of the tooth (the “pulp) is made, in order to remove inflamed, infected or necrotic (non-living) nerve and blood vessel tissue. The root canals are disinfected, enlarged and hermetically sealed to the root tips with a rubbery filling material. Finally, the access hole into the tooth is filled with any of the available filling materials like silver amalgam, composite resin, porcelain or gold (usually at a separate appointment).
Root canal treatment

Bacteria enter and multiply the cavities in the teeth. Without treatment, they cause infections and form pockets or abscesses filled with pus up at the roots of the tooth. This, in turn, causes severe pain and swelling that could spread to other areas of the face or head. Such infections destroy bones around the tip of the tooth’s roots.

Teeth get damaged and infected due to severe decay, repeated dental procedures, cracks in the tooth or trauma to the face. Constant pain, swelling and tenderness of the gums, prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold and discoloration of the tooth are signs that one may need a root canal treatment. It is a must to visit your dentist at once and on regular basis.

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